Honda Maintenance

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How do I know when I need Honda service?

Watch for the wrench.

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When the amber colored wrench comes on, your oil life is at 15%. This indicates that you have about 2 weeks to come in for a service visit. We can typically get you in within two days for this service.

Look for these Maintenance Minder codes on your dashboard:

SymbolWhat It MeansNumberWhat to do *
AReplace Engine Oil1Rotate tires, and check tire pressure
BReplace Engine Oil, drive belt, & oil filter. Inspect various systems, fluid, & components. See service manual. When the Maintenance icon(wrench) appears, contact us for a service appointment!2Replace air cleaner element, check drive belt, & replace dust and pollen filter.
3Replace transmission fluid & transfer fluid, if equipped.
4Replace spark plugs, replace timing belt, if equipped, inspect water pump, and inspect valve clearance.
5Replace engine coolant
6Replace rear differential fluid, if equipped


* May vary between model & model year.
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